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Welcome To The Sunlight Customer Portal

Sunlight is the owner of more than 2,700 domestic renewable technology installations across the UK. We are proud to provide families all over the country with the opportunity to access energy generated by renewable technologies free of charge or at a vastly reduced cost. Sunlight is still installing renewable technology products, including fully-installed Solar PV, solar optimisation products and renewable heating products.

Sunlight monitors all its assets from its central Manchester office, ensuring strong and consistent performance for its customers.

The Sunlight Customer Portal collects all relevant information for our customers. The information found below may be specific to Sunlight or relevant to the wider UK renewables or energy markets.

Are you a Sunlight customer?

The Sunlight portfolio has been created via several company mergers. You are likely to be a Sunlight customer if you have agreements with any of the companies listed below:

  • Applied Solar Ltd
  • Aspect Solar Ltd
  • Astral Solar Ltd
  • Guardian Solar Ltd
  • White Rose Solar Ltd
  • Anchor Renewables Ltd
  • Gaia Power Systems Ltd

If you are unsure whether you are a Sunlight customer, please send us your details via our contact form and we will check your details against our records.


Solar PV Systems

Sunlight owns a large portfolio of domestic Solar PV systems, installed at no-cost to homeowners across the UK. We monitor our entire Solar portfolio remotely from our offices in Manchester. If you have any problems we can check your system is working efficiently online, just give us a call on 020 8242 6204.

If you have one of the Sunlight installations on your property and would like to find out how to get the best out of the system please click here.


Air Source Heat Pumps

Sunlight has continued to develop its product offerings in the domestic heating market and has recently launched an Air Source Heat Pump product offering, allowing customers to install Heat Pumps at their property for typically less than £100. Each installation will also benefit from 7-years of free maintenance from the date of installation.

If you are interested in applying to be considered for a Sunlight Air Source Heat Pump installation please submit your information here.