About The Sunlight Solar PV Portfolio

About The Sunlight Solar PV Portfolio

September 14, 2018 News 0



When Sunlight Technology was created in 2011 it was our intention of creating a strong business which invested using a socially-responsible business strategy. We wanted to make expensive renewable energy technology more attainable to families across the UK. The company researched domestic solar PV technology and determined that the technology was both reliable and provided strong benefits to the end-user of the system.

Sunlight quickly developed an innovative product which utilised government-backed subsidies and allowed for domestic solar PV systems to be installed on domestic properties at zero cost to the owner of the property. Sunlight paid for the systems via the subsidy and the homeowner can use all the electricity generated by the system for free, it was a win win!

Fast forward 7 years and the company has grown from initially owning around 200 systems to now owning a portfolio of nearly 2,800. We are delighted to be helping thousands of families across the UK access completely free electricity. Furthermore, we are proud to offer free maintenance of every installation in the Sunlight portfolio.

Managed from Sunlight’s office in the heart of Manchester city centre, the portfolio is closely monitored by our experienced team of administrative staff. Each Sunlight installation is fitted with an internet-connected monitoring meter which the Sunlight staff connect to each day to ensure that the system is performing to expectation. If we detect an issue with a system our maintenance team will note that a maintenance call-out is needed, contact the homeowner and arrange for a Sunlight engineer to visit the property at a time convenient to them. The company has recently integrated new management software to further improve the efficiency of its asset monitoring.

Sunlight’s portfolio has recently experienced its best quarter and the company continues to implement measures to further improve its performance. Customer satisfaction and asset performance remain the two most important considerations for the company and will continue to shape its business strategy. The company is embarking on an exciting expansion plan and will soon announce some exciting news regarding the future of the company, stay tuned for more!